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Why We're Special - Quality Tastes The DifferenceJoel Flory Photography

All Fresh Ingredients

At That Takes the Cake, we don?t just talk about
freshness; we bake it into every cupcake. You can
actually taste the difference our natural and fresh
ingredients make. Flavors are fuller, richer, and
creamier. Our mouth-watering cupcakes taste
homemade, because they are.

Nostalgia You Can Taste

Everyone has memories of sweet home made
baked goods. That Takes the Cake Co- fonders
Keisha & Brian Williams report that their fondest
memories are of their grandmothers sharing love
with family & friends through good ole home made fresh baked goods! So we decided to create those same baked goods & memories through cupcakes.

Cupcakes take you back to when life was simpler. Whether it's their creamy frosting, the feeling of paper peeling back, or the simple remembrance of Mom?s kitchen, cupcakes have an uncanny ability to bring back your delightful childhood memories. Cupcakes are happiness.

Keisha Lynn and cupcakes have a long and happy history together. Keisha?s love goes into each batch, and love tastes even better than frosting. Okay, nothing tastes better than frosting.